Home Office Essentials You Need For The Ultimate Setup

Whether you’re new to working from home or simply in need of upgrading your current home office, we’ve got you sorted. This article allows you to find all the essentials you need for your new home office, with budget options if you aren’t looking to break the bank!

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Home Office Chair

The first and most important item on the agenda… your chair. You’re likely going to spend hours and hours on it, so you better make sure it’s a good one!

Firstly, If you’re looking for a budget option that doesn’t break the bank but screams value for money, you can’t look past Big W. Their Highback Office Chair is comfortable and offers a range of customizable features to suit you. Where you would spend hundreds on a chair like this elsewhere, Big W offers you this beauty for just $109.

home office

Big W

Highback Office Chair – $109

Home Office Desk

Much like your office chair, you are going to want a desk that is adjustable. If you take a look at our article The Only Checklist You Need To Work From Home, you will realise how important it is that your desk is adjusted correctly. Without a proper desk setup, you could end up with a very sore neck and back!

When it comes to your desk, you have two options: An adjustable desk, or a computer stand. We suggest going with the first option, the adjustable desk.

One of the most reliable Australian office furniture brands, and our choice is Elite Office Furniture. They offer a whole range of adjustable desks and even give you the option to add accessories.

Elite Office Furniture

Alternatively, you could look for a less expensive solution, like a laptop stand. This can also be quite effective in reducing neck pain, but won’t allow you to stand and stretch.

Home Office Computers

Ultimately, your tech can either make or break your new home office. Luckily, we have all the gadgets you need to achieve peak productivity at home. The first essential piece of tech we suggest you consider is a quality laptop or desktop. We recommend HP Australia as they are reliable and provide quality products with a great reputation. Laptops are generally the go-to for remote workers for a number of reasons:

  1. You can work from anywhere! Take your work to a cafe, the beach, or the park. 
  2. Generally, they are compact and travel well, making them extremely beneficial for work travel.
  3. You have the option to connect to displays wherever you go. 

So, if you’re wondering which computer option to go for, we have broken our choices down into 3 categories: Budget Option, Most Popular, and Display Monitor Alternative.

Budget Option

Generally, most remote workers aren’t looking to break the bank when it comes to their laptops. So we recommend HP Chromebook which is full HD with a touchscreen for only $699!

home office

HP Australia

HP Chromebook – $699

Most Popular

Firstly, if you are the kind of person that just likes to follow the crowd and go with the most popular – Yes, I’m looking at you with the AirPods. We suggest sticking to HPs Most Popular HP Pavillion. We don’t need to list all the benefits of it because you know it’s the Most Popular for a reason, however, if you’re interested in all the details, simply click here.

HP Australia

HP Pavillion – $799+

Display Monitor Alternative

Finally, if you’re not exactly looking to opt for a laptop, or maybe you just want an extra display, you can’t look past HP again. Generally, those of you looking for a display monitor are a little more serious about your craft, so we know you won’t be shy to go for the very popular HP M24 Webcam Monitor. This monitor is simply beautiful and high quality, with a pleasantly surprising price tag of $349. Not to mention, it comes with a webcam for all of those zoom meetings you attend in your sleepwear – below the camera of course!

HP Australia

HP M24 Webcam Monitor – $349

Please note that if you opt for a display, you will require a few more cables that are compatible. You can get all the necessary cables at a great price with Belkin.

Accessories You Cannot Miss!

Finally, we have a couple of secret game-changing accessories for those of you working from anywhere. 

Headphones for your meetings

When you are working from home, you are spending a lot of time on zoom meetings and listening to music. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise when we suggest you get a quality pair of headphones. Whether you’re an over-ear headphone or earbuds user, Belkin has got you sorted. You can find the latest budget headphones for your home office here.

Blue Light Glasses

We believe that when you are working behind a screen all day, you are exposing yourself to an awful lot of blue light which can be the cause of many issues you are currently experiencing. Do you have headaches throughout the day/night? Are you struggling to get to sleep after being behind your screen all day? If professional gamers who are behind screens all day are protecting their eyes with blue light glasses, why aren’t you? Fortunately, Baxter Blue has got you sorted. Baxter Blue is one of the most popular blue light glasses brands, for a reason. It’s one of those accessories that you simply can’t knock until you try it. 

These are simply our recommendations and everyone reading should do their own research. If you are searching for a new work-from-home job, search here.