Top 5 Benefits of Working From Home

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Working from home has become increasingly favourable for Australian employees. We’ve compiled the top 5 perceived benefits of working from home so that you know what to expect when applying for a job through Work From Home Jobs Australia.

Better Work-Life Balance

Working from home provides increased flexibility when it comes to clocking on and off from our jobs. Conventional jobs have rigid work schedules that don’t factor in personal commitments. Working from home generally allows employees to schedule their days around these commitments and cater their working days to their specific needs. 

Work Life Balance

This could be allowing extra time in the morning for school drop-offs, household chores or even getting an extra hour of sleep in. The convenience of working from home provides this flexibility and ensures we don’t miss what is most important to us. 

This flexibility can lead to a greater work-life balance for those working at home. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many employees were forced to work from home to reduce the spread of the virus. Whilst this was a difficult time for most people, the move from the office to home led to some surprising results. HRD suggests that nearly 7 in 10 Australian respondents believe their work-life balance had improved because of the remote working conditions.

Avoiding The Daily Commute

The daily commute is something we all dread. The average time Australian employees now spend commuting to work has increased to over 60 minutes per day according to The Conversation. This is an increase of 11 minutes in comparison to 2002 (49 minutes) and is likely to continue to trend upwards. Working from home cuts the daily commute out of the equation. How would you like to have an extra hour per day? You could watch an extra episode of your favourite Netflix series, start that side project you’ve been putting off, or spend quality time with your family. We all want to find ways to reduce the amount of stress we experience, and this is something that can be hard to do in today’s world.

Work From Home Benefits

Commuting to work is one of our many daily tasks that can lead to increased stress, especially in major cities. Data collected by VicHealth through surveys highlight that those commuting to work are more likely to experience perceived stress during and after their commute. This is associated with time spent in traffic, lack of control of the environment, and large crowds. Working from home can reduce these perceived stresses immediately. No more sitting in a traffic jam or squeezing into a packed train, just waking up and walking to your workspace. 

Remote work can also reduce stress related to everyday events in office settings. A survey by Owl Labs found that 70% of people who worked from home during the pandemic found virtual meetings less stressful. This can be attributed to the setting you are in being more comfortable and less intimidating. 

Increased Productivity

Hybrid and remote work can reduce office distractions and allow you to find a way of working that works best for you. A report by ConnectSolutions found that hybrid work resulted in 77% of those surveyed reporting higher work production and allowed 30% of those surveyed to complete more work in less time. 

If you struggle to get work done in a conventional work environment, getting a job that incorporates working from home full-time or even part-time can help solve this issue. This could be in the form of hybrid working conditions where you dedicate the days you work from home to getting the bulk of your work done. Alternatively, it could be working from home full-time to get the most out of your work days.

Healthier Eating

Planning and packing your lunch is something that we all say we’ll do. Often life gets in the way, and we end up at the local bakery or Café during our lunch break. This can be an expensive and potentially unhealthy eating habit. 

VeryWellFit reported that people who dined out more than once a day were at an increased risk of early death when compared to those who dine out less than once a week. This comes down to the restaurant and takeaway food generally having more calories and fewer nutrients than the food we prepare at home. 

Working from home allows greater flexibility and options when it comes to lunchtime meals. Whipping up something healthy is easy when your kitchen and all your ingredients are down the hall from your office. 

Environmental Sustainability

Work From Home Benefits

Working from home reduces your environmental footprint significantly. The transportation sector is Australia’s third largest source of greenhouse gas emissions and accounts for approximately 17% of our total emissions. Commuting to work contributes to this total, with nearly 71% of Australians using a private vehicle to travel to work each day. 

Forbes stated that working from home at least 4 days a week has the potential to reduce nitrogen dioxide emissions by 10% on average. Nitrogen Oxide has negative impacts on the environment and is one of the most significant air pollutants in the world. It can lead to various respiratory issues like asthma and can cause acid rain when it interacts with water, oxygen, and other chemicals in the atmosphere. You can do your part for the environment by working from home and ditching the daily commute.

Working from home provides numerous benefits that can lead to healthier habits and improved lifestyles. Start your search for remote work here.